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Welcome to our new Ghost Stories section. This section is for stories of your real life ghost sightings. We have just received two new ghost stories, which you can read below. You can submit your story by email.

Don't Know What This Means

My son and I had the same experience without telling each other until a
later date. I'm not sure what/or if it means anything at all. This is what
happened to both of us in his bedroom.

I had fallen asleep in my sons bedroom. I woke up and tried to get up but
felt like there was something weighing me down. I tried and tried to tell
myself "get up get up" but i coudln't move. A few moments later the
portable fan in his room got very loud in my ear, like someon had put the
fan next to my ear. My whole body felt extremely heavy. I finally was able
to move and run down the hall to my own bedroom.

My son had the same experience. He fell asleep and the same thing happened.
He tried to get up and get some water but felt like he couldn't get up. He
then heard the fan get louder and louder in his ear. When he finally was
able to get up, he went two doors down to his brothers room. He told me that
he looked in his baby sister's room on the way and saw a woman sitting in my
daughter's chair.

The woman he described was in her late 30's with brown wavy hair. I went
into a shop that specializes in readings and such in our town and explained
this all to them. I also told them that I see, late at night something out
of the corner of my eye. Someone sitting at my computer desk, or sitting on
my couch but when I turn to look directly at the object, it isn't there. I
also was sitting on the couch one evening with my younger son and we were
having a conversation with eachother. From the couch, you can see the
upstairs landing. We both looked up because we both saw a figure walking on
the landing and then proceeding to walk into my daughter's room.

This has been the scariest experience. I tried to find out if a previous
owner of the house maybe died here. I can't find any answers.


Native American Ghost

I like your web site its pretty cool I have a ghost story I want to share with you people.
I remember when I was in the computer it was really dark and later around 11:30 pm everyone was asleep then I looked at the hall way making sure no one was coming my way because my brother just comes up and scares me. Instead of my brother I saw a (Native American) standing there I ignored and I (thought) it was just my head but then I remembered I was dreaming about that (Native American) it just popped on my dream like 3 seconds and it went away. I was shocked and then I looked again it wasn't there.Part of history, (Native Amercians) were here way back ago I guessed they lived were I live a long time ago.


Satan's Bar?

There this other story that my friend told me. My friend's cousin worked at a bar during 2001 before that bar it was a 3 story high hotel. Between the 40's and 50's it got burned from the top and a little bit on the bottom. So now they made it as a one story bar. When the bar was closed his cousin was going to the bathroom and did her buisness and then when she was done she heard a low exorcist voice laughting. It was Satan. She just left the bathroom full of goosebumps. And before the bathroom stuff she took a picture of the bar to bad she left I would send you guys the picture. So on the picture you could see a sharp nose and two horns and it looked crazy it was like half of Satan's face and the other half was full of shadows. Her friend worked with her it was late night before the bar was going to be close a guy dressed in black with dark sun glasses and a hat came in the bar and asked him how old is this bar he said it was a Hotel and it got burned around the 40's-50s so then the guy in black just left and the lights turned off and he said he saw red eyes looking rights at him after that the guy was not around.

- Charlie