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Ghost Pictures News - Oct 27 2018 - We're Back!

Back online :)

Ghost Pictures News - Oct 28 2005 - Still Online Thanks.

Luckily, but sadly, our sudden popularity turned out to be a traffic spike resulting from search engine traffic, probably due to a television program that examined ghost pictures the way we do. It's settled down now and we are able to handle the traffic with the new account we have - the highest possible from our host without using a dedicated server. We raised a grand total of $7.00, which we will be applying to hosting fees. I will personally thank those who donated. (about three people).

Ghost Pictures News - Oct 3 2005 - Save Ghostpictures!

It's ghost season and yesterday we received 30,000 visitors. To stay online, we will have to raise $150 for a dedicated webserver. Without it, we will go offline permanently in about five or six days because our current hosting account cannot handle the traffic. You can make a donation through Paypal using the button below. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make a donation this way.

Ghost Pictures News - Mar 17 2005 - Updates

Even though we haven't posted the updates here, over the last couple of months, over a dozen new pictures have been placed in the gallery.

Ghost Pictures News - Jan 11 2005 - Two New Ghost Stories

Charlie has sent us two knew stories about his and his friend's various ghost sightings. One involves a native american ghost and the other involves what is believed to be Satan himself in converted hotel from the 1940's.

Ghost Pictures News - Jan 2 2005 - New Year, New Photo, New Forum

Well, the new year is upon us, so it's time to spruce up the website a little and add some new features. We have a new photograph submitted by Jay in our new gallery and a brand new forum hosted by us.

We are looking for admins for the new forum and if you are interested in becoming one, please go to the new forum and tell us.

Ghost Pictures News - Dec 25 2004 : New Images, Future Updates

A few new images have been posted to the new gallery. Also, we have new features planned which I will begin to impliment after New Years Eve. They are : A forum, A wiki, A blog, and a newsletter. Stay tuned.

Yes, I realize it is Christmas, but the storm prevented my from going home for the celebration. If you are in the same situation, I send my sympathies.

Ghost Pictures News - Dec 19 2004 : New Gallery

We've added a new gallery where you can see our pictures, post your own, and comment on all of them. Go to the new gallery.

Ghost Pictures News - May 13 2004 : Comments Open Beta

You can now comment on one of our pages directly. This is an open beta of of an out-of-the-box comment script. If it does well, you will be able to comment on all the pages on our website. Try it out.

Ghost Pictures News - May 10 2004 : Playing With Silly String

A new article, Playing With Silly String, has been added to our articles section. Read the new article here.

Ghost Pictures News - May 10 2004 : Submitted Images

I've added a new gallery for images submitted by visitors. The first images have been submitted by the owners of www.shadowsofthepast.com. See the new gallery here.

Ghost Pictures News - May 09 2004 : Stories and Comments Beta

I've added a new story section where you can send us your stories and read those of other people. Today is its first day, so its empty. Be the first to submit a story.

The beta of the comments was supposed to be up today. However, it seems that my new host forgot to configure Apache correctly to allow php to execute in html pages. I'm working on the issue and hope to be able to impliment this feature soon.

Ghost Pictures News - May 08 2004 : We Made It

The website has been uploaded to the new server and the nameservers changed. I'm already working on a script so that you can comment on the pictures.

Ghost Pictures News - May 07 2004 : Growing Pains!

I finally found decent hosting where we will have enough space, bandwith, and access to Php and mySQL. Space and bandwith means that we have room to grow. Access to Php and mySQL means that we will be able to add interactive content to the website such as the ability to add comments about the pictures.

This also means that there may be an interruption of service for a day or two. Changing servers never seems to go as smoothly as it should.

If you email me and I do not respond, email me again in a couple of days.

See you on the other side.

Ghost Pictures News - May 06 2004 : 5 New Photos

Makeup_1, Caufield and I went on a recent ghost hunting expedition and got five great photos of highly charged orbs. You can see them in our updated gallery.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 23 2004 : New Photo, Tweeked Gallery

There is a new photo of a "shadow" near a fountain. I also tweeked the main gallery to include thumbnails.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 22 2004 : Playing With Matches

Our first article, Playing With Matches, discusses how to fake spirit photos using match smoke. This is the first in a series of articles about faking images with smoke.
Read the Article.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 21 2004 : Four New Images

Pogo, Caufield, Makeup_1, and I spent about 30 minutes in our local graveyard faking images using match smoke. They have been placed in our fakes section. Our next update will be our first article, called "Playing With Matches."

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 20 2004 : Two New Images

Two new images have been added to the gallery. Both of these pictures were taken by photographers from Nashville. Don't forget to send in your own photos, whether genuine or fake.

We've also added a fake section to our gallery for the fake photos. Two of the first photos we had were fakes that we manufactured. They are now in the fake section of the gallery with an explanation on how they were made.

Our next update will include the first part of a series on how to fake your very own photos using the techniques used by most photographers. First up : The Useful Match.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 17 2004 : Two Ghost Pictures

Two new ghost pictures have been added to the Picture Gallery.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 17 2004 : ARG!

Due to the problem we've been having with our hosting company (I think we've been scammed), I had to find an alternative hosting solution to launch the website. This has left Ghostpictures.org in a complete mess. Please bear with us as we get our bearings again.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 16 2004 : Still Working

The website hasn't been uploaded yet, our hosting isn't ready. However, I've added several new things that you can't possibly see because this website isn't on the internet yet. :) First, I've added the obligatory hit-counter that tracks various data about our visitors so I can improve the website. You can see it if you scroll down. It looks like a neonized version of Saturn. If you have a site you need to track, I recommend this tracker.

Secondly, since I have no idea how successful Ghostpictures.org will be, I am taking precautions and adding a remotely-hosted forum. Forums are bandwith-expensive and alot of highly-valuable debate can use up enough bandwith to shut us down, so I am taking the safe route and letting someone else host our message board. If we prove that we can handle it, either by having the resources through support to expand, or we have less bandwith consumption than I expect, we will host a forum here. A much better forum.

Ghost Pictures News - Apr 15 2004 : Site Design Complete

I've finished the main site design and I am nailing down the first few pages. I expect to upload the first version of the website tomorrow, assuming I am conscious, and it to be available to the public within the week. Yes, I am writing this before I expect anything to go online, partly as a placeholder and partly to keep track of my progress.
- Moonlight Embrace